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Review 7: Embrace Ultra-Ability by Shirley Cheng

Embrace Ultra-Ability!
by Shirley Cheng
Copyright: © 2008
168 pages
$14.97 Paperback

If you visit Shirley Cheng’s website, you’ll soon discover she is a very unique individual with an inspirational story that will definitely touch you in some way. Shirley was born in 1983 and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis before she was even one year old. Due to years [...]

Success Stories

For a few days now, I’ve been dabbling with the idea of adding a “Success” Tab to the LLBR blog where both Lulu authors, and even other POD authors, could share their success stories in writing, publishing, marketing, and sales. It’s always fun to bounce ideas off one another and find out what may be [...]

Review 6: Fire and Souls

Fire and Souls
by Kevin King
Copyright: © 2008
84 pages
$2.00 E-book
$12.95 Paperback

I’ve been a reader, writer, and lover of poetry all my life. Many many years ago, I self-published a pop up book of my poems back in the 6th or 7th grade with some pieces of cardboard and pretty contact paper for a class project. [...]

Review 5: OH Brother

OH Brother
by Paul Ciccone Jr.
Copyright: © 2008
172 pages
$3.79 E-book
$10.99 Paperback

Chapter 1 of Paul Ciccone’s book is entitled “Believe It or Not,” which were my words exactly as I began reading his book for this review. I could NOT believe the tight cogent prose this author has penned! Believe it or not, I almost [...]

Words from the Inside

Mark, a Lulu engineer, has been making the rounds, recently commenting on my previous post and also commenting on Veinglory’s recent remarks concerning Lulu over at Podpeep. Excellent thoughts from Veinglory, an avid Lulu reader and supporter. My sentiments exactly!  Although Mark [...]

POD vs. Amazon: Updates

Based on sketchy information posted in the Lulu Forums, it looks like Lulu.com has probably agreed to Amazon’s ultimatum. Due to the fees I’m sure Amazon will be slapping publishers with for having to use its Booksurge printing services, we can probably look forward to increased fees to be passed on to users as [...]