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Honorable Mention

Although our “Search for America” ended last month, I’d like to revisit it for a moment to tell readers about another book.  Although this blog is devoted strictly to books published through Lulu, this particular book was not.  However, it is still a POD title, and its author runs another POD review site that has been in existence for over two years.  This will probably be one of the few times I mention a non-Lulu book, but since he is a fellow POD reviewer and blogger, I feel the need to point out his book only because I was extremely impressed by it.

I am speaking of Timeline of America, written by Floyd M. Orr who is chief of the PODBRAM review site.  His book was published through iUniverse, which was the main self-publishing company he focused on reviewing books for until earlier this year.

His book is a fun romp through American history and pop culture, complete with pop quizzes at the very end, and filled with fun facts that chances are you never got out of a grade school history classroom.  I won’t spend too much time reviewing it here, but instead invite you to check out his book at Amazon and read my review of it there.

Kudos to Mr. Orr for a brilliant book that I sincerely believe deserves the attention of a traditional publishing company!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the kudos, Shannon!

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