I am pleased to announce that as a growing effort to increase our means of promoting books self-published through Lulu, and as part of our commitment to helping POD authors reach their book’s maximum potential, we are now cross posting our book reviews to both Amazon.com and to Lulu.com.  Lulu allows 6 stars and Amazon only allows 5, so please don’t be upset if we gave you 5 stars on both sites.  We think stars are over rated anyway.  You might have earned them for perfect attendance in grade school or a gold star for your senior science project, but this is the real world.  Think literary merit! Also, please be advised that Lulu only allows up to 3700 characters, so several reviews had to be edited to meet this criteria.

All previous reviews have now been cross posted to Lulu, and also to Amazon if your book is available there.  It only makes sense to publish these reviews on Lulu since these are indeed Lulu books (duh!), and I apologize that it has taken us 7 months to come up with such a genious idea.  For now, we have decided these will be the only two places we post the reviews.  We will consider cross posting to B&N in the future, but this probably will not take place until next year.

I also don’t know why I continue to refer to myself as “we” or “us” as this is a one man show here at LLBR!  There are plenty of characters in my head talking, but they aren’t reading and writing book reviews! Hmm…maybe they should.  There’s an interesting concept.

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