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POD Diary Update: My First Amazon Kindle Royalty Payment

Many of us are still boycotting Amazon due to the huge Booksurge/POD war that has been taking place this year.  Many of us have moved forward and tried to find other venues for selling our books outside of Amazon.  I hope it’s paying off for those of you out there pounding the pavement.

While I have not made any personal purchases from Amazon since July, as an author I have been very successful with Ebook sales of STEALING WISHES through the Amazon Kindle Ereader.  As many of you loyal LLBR readers know, I have been documenting my POD journey this year in the POD Diary.

I’m happy to announce that today I received my first royalty payment from sales through the Kindle Ereader. Click here and scroll down to October 29th and read the four most recent posts of the POD Diary to learn more.

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  1. The Kindle is actually quite classy; it’s like a convergence of old school and new school technology

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