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LLBR’s Birthday Bash

Our birthday is March 1st, and you’re invited. But we’re the ones giving the gifts away!
1 advanced reader’s copy of The POD Pocket Guide
1 “slightly used” copy of POD People by Jeremy Robinson
1 copy of Janet Elaine Smith’s Promo Paks
1 copy of Stealing Wishes written by yours truly
1 copy of Misfit McCabe by LK Gardner-Griffie
1 [...]

Books Gone Wild: More POD Success!

In yesterday’s post about an article in the Times I failed to mention the POD success story of Lisa Genova.  Lisa tried desperately to find a traditional publisher for her book, Still Alice.  After many failed attempts, she opted to self-publish the book with iUniverse and began selling copies out of the trunk of her [...]

Amazon’s ABNA kicks off on Monday!

We begin February with the Superbowl on Sunday.  So what, right? 
Writers can kick off the month by entering Amazon.com’s ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) contest on Monday, the 2nd.  For those who are regulars to the blog, you might remember my November post about ABNA.
This is the 2nd round.  I entered the first contest [...]

Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab

The New York Times published a very interesting and thorough article yesterday about the growth of the POD industry and how traditional markets are even suffering.
It begins…
The point may soon come when there are more people who want to write books than there are people who want to read them.
It also includes a nice success [...]

Review 55: Learn Me Good by John Pearson

Learn Me Good
by John Pearson
Copyright: © 2006
211 Pages
$16.00 Paperback
ISBN: 9781411665897
Like everyone else, I’m tired of turning on the TV these days and hearing the sad stories about the out of control job losses Americans are suffering from thanks to our dying economy.  For that very reason, I can’t stomach to sit through a news broadcast.  [...]

Julie’s Quick Picks

About Billy
by Brian W. Fisher
Billy’s world is threatened by war…’whatever that meant’…but his six year old mind is filled with the excitement of his first hunting trip. The extended visit with ‘Uncle’ Jake and ‘Aunt’ Dolly expands his knowledge, not only of the practical but also self-reliance and confidence.
Jake, the gentle giant, who can [...]

Lulu discontinuing online chat support and laying off employees…

A post in the Lulu forum under Customer Service Announcements on the 15th states that Lulu was discontinuing online live chat support as of the 15th.  I’ve never had much success with their chat techs anyway as you may remember from experiences I recorded in the POD Diary.  During Lulu’s recent problems with loading book [...]

Review 54: The Chitta Niyama Opportunity by A.R. Haslam

The Chitta Niyama Opportunity
By A.R. Haslam
Copyright © 2008
$20.59 Paperback
293 Pages
ISBN: 9780955983306
Reviewed by Dan Marvin
Once in awhile, I like to take a step back from police thrillers and horror novels and read something that challenges me to learn and grow as a person.  The Chitta Niyama Opportunity by A.R. Haslam definitely fits that description.  The author [...]