Review 54: The Chitta Niyama Opportunity by A.R. Haslam

The Chitta Niyama Opportunity
By A.R. Haslam
Copyright © 2008
$20.59 Paperback
293 Pages
ISBN: 9780955983306
Reviewed by Dan Marvin
Once in awhile, I like to take a step back from police thrillers and horror novels and read something that challenges me to learn and grow as a person.  The Chitta Niyama Opportunity by A.R. Haslam definitely fits that description.  The author [...]

Meet Dan Marvin! LLBR’s New Reviewer

We are pleased to announce that Dan Marvin, author of Briefs for the Reading Room, joins the LLBR review team this month.
In December, we posted an ad requesting the assistance of another reviewer who could help by covering the action, politics, military, fantasy, sports, and other more modern genres that we felt were missing among [...]