LLBR’s Birthday Bash

Our birthday is March 1st, and you’re invited. But we’re the ones giving the gifts away!

1 advanced reader’s copy of The POD Pocket Guide

1 “slightly used” copy of POD People by Jeremy Robinson

1 copy of Janet Elaine Smith’s Promo Paks

1 copy of Stealing Wishes written by yours truly

1 copy of Misfit McCabe by LK Gardner-Griffie

1 copy of Briefs for the Reading Room by Dan Marvin

and lots of back issues of The Writer, The Missouri Review, and Writer’s Journal.

What do you have to do to get in on the drawing for one of these fabulous prizes?  Wish us Happy Birthday, of course.  Click on the Birthday Bash tab at the top of the blog and post your birthday wishes there.  All writers and readers are eligible.  We’ll be drawing a winner or two each week in March!

Also, don’t forget we’re still accepting nominations for the “Two-fer” reviews.  Nominate your Lulu book and the Lulu book of another friend or author.  We’ll pick a winner and review both!  We get to read.  You get a review.  Everyone gets cake!  Click on the Birthday Bash tab to learn more!

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  1. I’m hoping that you are including a copy of my Promo Paks because you found them extremely helpful. I’d love to hear how you ran across them.

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