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The Party Is Over

As March comes to a close, our Birthday Bash is also over but this month brought us many things to celebrate.
First, special thanks for all of your birthday wishes, and congratulations to all of our winners who took home prizes…Linda Welch, Edwin Ong, Dawson Vosburg, Paul Ciccone Jr, and Doeray Griffin.
We were also interviewed by [...]

Review 69: Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale by Deborah Eades

Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale
Deborah Eades
Copyright: © 2008
$11.50 Paperback
$5.28 E-Book
146 Pages
ISBN: 9781430317388
For anyone who is an animal lover, myself included, Deborah Eades’ book is definitely one that deserves a heart warming Awwwwwe! Deborah is a volunteer for what’s known as the Dog Rescue Railroad.  Years ago a website was created called petfinder.com which helps [...]

An Interview with Mike Motz, Children’s Book Illustrator

Reviewer LK Gardner-Griffie recently came across Lulu author P.J. Cowan’s Storefront and instantly fell in love with her children’s book collection and each books’ amazing illustrations which were provided by artist Mike Motz. After a visit to Mike’s website, we discovered he’s illustrated quite a few Lulu books and a big part of his work [...]

Review 66: Michael O’Brien and the Magic Hat by P.J. Cowan

Michael O’Brien and the Magic Hat
by P.J. Cowan
Illustrations by MikeMotz.com
Copyright © 2008
$ 11.92 Paperback
$ 5.00 Download
ISBN: 9780982254233
Reviewed by LK Gardner-Griffie, Author of Misfit McCabe
What more fitting way for the Lulu Book Review to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a review of a book about leprechauns. I was delighted to run across P.J. Cowan’s [...]

Review 64: Knowing Jack by Julie Elizabeth Powell

Knowing Jack
By Julie Elizabeth Powell
Copyright © 2008
$ 9.57 Paperback
148 pages
Reviewed by LK Gardner-Griffie, Author of Misfit McCabe
Knowing Jack is a book written by LLBR’s very own roving reviewer, Julie Elizabeth Powell. I first encountered Julie on the Lulu forum boards and was struck by her enthusiasm and encouragement for other authors work. [...]

Mark Coker on Read an Ebook Week and the Future of ePublishing

Read an E-Book Week is March 8th through the 14th, but you don’t need a Sony E-reader or Amazon Kindle to participate.  There are lots of Ebooks available from Lulu which can be downloaded right to your desktop as a PDF file.
Wanna broaden your options though? Check out Smashwords!  It’s a new online bookstore specializing [...]