Hi there! My name is Lulu and I am a bookworm.

I have been fond of reading since I learned to do it. Moreover, all the members of my family are the same. We can gather just to discuss a new book published recently, we give each other books for birthdays and my Grandpa even collects rare and antiquarian books. We can spend hours wandering around flea markets looking for something curious. And books are actually the main reason for this blog.

I do enjoy reading but I enjoy talking about Literature even more. Since all my friends are tired of these debates I decided to create a platform to share my thoughts about books with other book nerds.

When I manage to afford time for something besides reading I work for a tiny IT-company as an SMM-specialist. What I like most about my job is that it allows me to communicate with lots of fascinating people and apply my knowledge and skills gained at university. I also enjoy hanging out with my colleagues who are most creative and pleasant people. All in all, I am a people person and make friends with others easily.

Two years ago I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where I had been studying Public Relations and moved to a much warmer place called Miami. That’s why once in a while when I travel back home to Pittsburgh I will post my complaints about the weather. The rest of the time – books, interviews with writers and my reviews. Enjoy!