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Birthday Bash

The Lulu Book Review turns one this year on March 1st!

To celebrate, we’re starting early.  Have you recently read a book from Lulu.com which you would like to tell us about?  Are you also a Lulu author yourself?

Then head over to the Pick Me! tab and nominate both!  That’s right!  We’re looking for Lulu authors to nominate other Lulu books for a possible review.  Tell us about the book and why you think it deserves to be reviewed; also, tell us about your book.

We’re calling it a two-fer: a review for you and a review for a book you nominate!

So click on the Pick Me! tab at the top of the blog and post a comment about your nomination and include a link to it.  Also, tell us a bit about the book you’ve written and include a link to it as well.

Depending on how many nominations we get, the reviewers will pick one overall winner and review both books, or we might just pick a few and review them all.

Here’s your chance to get a review and to be a good samaritan Lulu author and get a review for someone else!

Click on the Pick Me! tab and start nominating today!  By the way, despite the list of themes we aren’t accepting which is shown on the Pick Me! tab, all genres are open for the contest…so go ahead, plug that horror novel of yours and your friend’s Bush family saga!

Or enter now for our month long give-aways!  Copies of the reviewers’ books, books on marketing and POD tips, and back issues of The Writer Magazine.  We’re giving away gifts every week in March.  Just post a birthday wish on this page to enter!

Questions?  Email us at lulubookreview@gmail.com.

12 Responses to “Birthday Bash”

  1. Congratulations on getting through your first year. So many times a review blog gets started only to falter and then come to a halt. It is truly a labor of love to read and review books week in and week out, taking time away from your own writing to do so. As an author, I am so thankful that the LLBR exists to help promote self-published works. As a fellow reviewer, I am glad to do my small part in helping to make the LLBR successful and to do my share of helping to promote reading and self-published writers.

    May the LLBR continue to get stronger and grow for many years to come.

    LK Gardner-Griffie
    Author of Misfit McCabe
    Website: Griffie World
    Traveling Book Site: Where in the World is Misfit McCabe?

  2. When do we get to eat the cake? It looks yummy!

    I encourage all of the reviewees to stop by and thank Shannon and LK for their hard work this last year. I know their review of my book gave me a much needed boost. Happy Birthday LLBR!

  3. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear LLBR
    Happy Birthday to you.

    And many more . . . . .

    Thanks everyone for Lulu’s own review site. Great job!

    Linda chose STEALING WISHES as her prize!

  4. Congrats to LLBR. Just less than 2 weeks till birthday!

    Edwin won a copy of The Writer’s Digest and a copy of The Writer magazine.

  5. Best of wishes! I hope LLBR will prosper and receive more free books in the future!

    Dawson chose the free copy of POD People as his gift!

  6. Happy Birthday! LBR rocks!

  7. Lulu so good they named it twice, and it’s always better to have two Lu’s than one. And Lulu Review? Sounds like a stage show - and maybe it is.

    Happy Birthday peeps, hearty congrats from England.

  8. And all who know do agree~
    A desire to read, enhances thee~

    Through every day and every stage~
    Your talents, demand our praise~

    A gift of gratitude-a smile of glee~
    A simple thought to flatter thee~

    Happy Birthday to you~
    Dear LULU Book Review

    Paul chose the copy of MISFIT MCCABE, by LK Gardner-Griffie.

  9. Happy 1st Birthday Lulu Book Review. May you be blessed with many, many more. Few places like to give reviews to self-published authors, so it’s great to have a website such as yours. Lulu is one of the best places to self-publish, and your Lulu Book Review website is the best place for Lulu authors to get their work reviewed. You’ve made a lot of us very happy. Here’s wishing that your birthday is just as happy.

  10. (tune: happy birthday)
    Have a birthday that’s cool
    Have a birthday that’s great
    Now blow out the candles
    Don’t spit on the cake!

    May you have many friends, followers and Authors coming to fame due to your site for years to come!
    (I’m including myself in that last part! )

  11. I can count the number of times that I have actually “WON” anything…on one hand, without using thumb of index finger.
    Thank you all. I am looking forward to reading MISFIT MCCABE.

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