Books or movies?

I do enjoy watching a good movie with a blanket and a bowl of cheese popcorn. But books win this race hands down. They let you fantasize and think over your own interpretations of the action while movies are all about the director`s vision.

Three books that influenced you the most.

That question is one of the most difficult ones for me as I read a lot and have a lot of books which influenced me at some points. So let me tell you about three books that amazed me this year. First of all, it`s a new novel by Julian Barnes, one of my favorite modern authors. It`s called The Only Story and it shows very vividly what nostalgia is. I like that all novels in this write are always very deeply emotional and seem to be touching your soul. I also finally managed to get round to Elena Ferrante`s Neapolitan Novels which are written brilliantly and quite gripping if not hypnotic. And the best non-fiction piece I basically devoured this year is Guns, Germs, and Steel. It`s a shame I haven’t done it before but I won`t tell you a word about it since I want you to read it by yourselves. It`s really worth it.

Don’t you feel that your current job is to some extent what makes people devolve comparing to literature?

I`d say these two spheres are completely opposite. While SMM is about making a success out of your brand and communicating with your clients to meet all their requirements literature is here to enlighten and entertain people. So SMM is basically about business and literature is about pleasure. I disagree with those who say that modern technologies including internet make people devolve. It`s always up to us if we use opportunities given to us for better or for worse since they are here just to make our life easier.